Ashley King

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Hey friends! I’m so pleased you stopped by. Let’s take a minute and get to know each other. My name is Ashley. Like most women I wear many hats. I’m a wife and Mama to two crazy and amazing kids Owen and Piper. I have a love for health and wellness and am blessed to have a career as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I started using essential oils three years ago when I was looking for natural, non-toxic products I could use on my son Owen.

Unfortunately, Owen was born with my sensitive skin and would break out in a rash if any product had chemicals or fragrances. I started using essential oils and was blown away by the immediate impact it had on me and my family and needed to know more about these magical little bottles of oily goodness. From that point on my passion (some say addiction) and implementation of essential oils in my everyday life started. I love sharing essential oils with EVERYONE I come in contact with and would love to help you get started on your oil journey too!

some more tidbits about me:

• I love music and have been known to bust out in song and white girl dance moves to 90’s music and rap.

•I was born and raised in rural Washington.

• Country life and the smell of wheat fields in the morning make my soul happy.

• I have a slight (I’m lying its huge) obsession with all things British, especially the Royal Family.

• I’ve been told my whole life I’m loud.

• I love socializing, having fun, joking around and laughing till my stomach hurts.

• I’m a huge antique fan. I could rummage through antique malls and old barns all day.