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Hello, there, my name is Deena, and I am so happy you stopped by. I am crazy in love with essential oils. I love, love, love learning and teaching about the joys and benefits of these precious oils. I have lived with chronic pain since the age of 7. As an adult, I have been searching for natural methods to use in adjunct to medication to alleviate this pain. This interest, research and education led me to career in medicine as a Registered Nurse. One day a friend and co-worker let me use their Valor for a headache (it was quickly turning into a migraine) and I have been hooked on oils and their benefits since. Did I mention that I love essential oils and would be delighted to help you get started on your journey to everyday life with essential oils. 

some more tidbits about me:

•My perfect day is when my family is together.

• I have 3 children.

• My oldest son just graduated from college, my youngest son is waiting until November when he turns 21 to become a police officer, and my daughter (my mini me) is a sassy second grader.

• Yes, there was a summer when I was teaching one to drive and one to walk.

• I love to mow my lawn. I think it is the instant gratification of seeing a job well done, as well as the wonderful smell of fresh cut lawn.

• My husband and I (or maybe just me, and he loves me enough to go along with it) love to spend our summers camping and floating the rivers of our native State of Idaho.

• I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse and love meeting families and being a part of such an amazing event as the birth of a child.

• Last, but absolutely not least, I love exploring the world of essential oils.