Kate Peterson

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Executive | Peace & Calming and Frankincense Oil Lover

Hi there, I'm Kate! Good to meet you, if we were meeting in person I'd probably squeal and squeeze your hand, what can I say I'm excited to know you! I'm a labor and delivery nurse, mama and essential oil obsessed bestie. I'm married to my better half and have 3 littles whom I adore....#mostofthetime which I know you understand. I spend my days momming real hard and my nights working at the hospital. I started using Young Living Essential Oils in 2014 as a solution for a stinky house and I have gotten so much more than I ever thought possible! I love that I have tools in my health tool basket that I never would have imagined! My hubs and I are straight up oil users these days, call me crazy but those #littlemagicbottles work real good. So welcome!!

some more tidbits about me:

•I'm a runner, like I need to go some days to be okay.  It's sad but true that my hubby will casually pass me my running shoes and give me "the look" that says "come home when you can be nice!" It's awesome, cheaper than therapy.

• I'm a Pacific Northwest girl by birth and the Oregon Coast is Gods finest hour if you want my personal opinion. I go to the beach to heal my soul and let myself breath. 

• My perfect day of beverages would be moving straight from coffee to wine! Coffee is in my soul and I'm devoted a wine lover, red mostly but the occasional rose'  is also acceptable. Word. 

•I'm a Harry Potter fan to the extreme, my Subaru is named Severus for Severus's most faithful friendship to Lily Potter. Book 7 is my favorite for the way the story all finally comes together!